CARO-CROF Pamela Catton Summer Studentship Award

We’re committed to supporting professional education in radiation medicine and to helping build Radiation Oncology capacity in the healthcare system. Towards this end, CARO has partnered with the Canadian Radiation Oncology Foundation to offer summer studentships that will provide Canadian medical students with Radiation Oncology clinical experience, research opportunities, mentoring, and career counselling.

The studentships, which take place in participating cancer programs across Canada, are open to any student in a Canadian medical school and may be held after completion of the first medical year and before graduation. There will be a competition for funded slots, with academic achievement as the major factor in the awarding of the studentship. CARO’s education committee adjudicates the process for student selection and residency allocation.

2017 CARO-CROF Pamela Catton Studentships applications have already been accepted. Winners will be announced shortly.