Past Awards

With the support of our partner organizations, CARO has been able to offer various research awards, fellowships, and scholarships throughout our history. Below is a listing of awards we have offered in the past but are no longer available today.

  • CARO-Elekta Research Fellowship. Thanks to the generous support of Elekta over a span of eight years, CARO offered this fellowship for residents undertaking additional research training after graduation. The fellowship allowed recipients to pursue additional clinical and/or translational research training at leading academic Radiation Oncology centres in Canada or abroad. Take a look at the deserving recipients of the CARO-Elekta Research Fellowship.
  • RADIANT Program. The Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology and Oncura (previously Nycomed-Amersham Canada Ltd.) offered prostate brachytherapy training opportunities to CARO’s membership through the Radiant Program. The program provided grants of up to $2,000 to an individual training in a prostate brachytherapy workshop, or to a qualifying Canadian institution with a prostate brachytherapy program supporting a Canadian visiting regional specialist. The RADIANT program also provided up to $6,000 to cover travel to visit a medical centre in Canada or the United States to gain experience in the use of new knowledge or techniques.
  • RAZCER Award. Created by CARO’s Rapid AstraZeneca & CARO Evaluation of Radiomodifiers (RAZCER) advisory group, this award provided funds to be used for novel studies pertaining to radiation-drug interactions. The RAZCER award program ran for five years, from 2007 to 2011, and provided grants totaling close to $614,000 to 25 researchers. Get to know the RAZCER Award winners.