Patient Education Resources

  • Caring Voices – An online community for breast cancer survivors, who can use this site to access current resources, learn about upcoming survivorship events, take part in chats and discussions and meet other survivors.
  • Decision Support – A pan-Canadian initiative designed to assist information provision and decision support for prostate cancer patients and their families. For newly diagnosed patients:  Doctors’ answers to Frequently Asked Questions.  It introduces the patient to the world of prostate cancer and starts orienting him toward the treatment decision. For early-stage prostate cancer patients:  A Decision Aid that helps the individual patient sort out what is important to him in the decision, and helps him arrive at his most preferred treatment out of those offered to him.

  • Living with Cancer: Either Thing You Need to Know – The following resource guides offer tips on developing a strategy for managing the illness, asking the right questions of physicians and getting the right professional and personal support.

  • Eating Well During and After Your Cancer Treatment – Good nutrition is very important for people with cancer. There may be some nutritional changes you can make now that will help you during treatment. Start by eating a healthy diet. This can make you stronger, help you maintain your weight, and help you fight infection. It may even help with the side effects of treatment.
  • 7 Side Effects of Cancer Treatment, and How to Cope with Them
  • PTSD and Life After Cancer: Coping with cancer could put you at risk for post-traumatic stress disorder. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms and know when to seek help.