Corporate Advisory Council

Terms of Reference

Corporate Advisory Council (CAC)


Through a synergistic relationship between CARO and corporate members, the corporate advisory Council will focus on issues and initiatives of mutual concern in radiation medicine, work to increase awareness of the radiation sciences therapy and advance the science and practice of cancer treatment, research, and patient care in Canada.

Purpose / Objectives

  • To develop meaningful opportunities for providing and sharing advice and input on areas of importance to radiation oncology sciences.
  • To provide a forum for fostering new ideas, new initiatives, and support from the corporate sector.
  • To provide an appropriate forum for areas of collaboration.


  • A maximum of seven members from the corporate sector, who are CARO members in good standing in the Corporate category (non-voting), who support significant CARO initiatives (ie: annual meeting metal partners, research grant awards through CARO, CARO Fellowship award grants), as invited by the CARO board of directors.
  • CARO President-Elect, Chair
  • CARO Past-President
  • CARO Corporate Liaison Officer

Terms of Service

  • Two – three years.
  • Initial membership shall have staggered expiry dates of service to ensure process continuity.
  • The corporation represented holds the seat, not the individual. If a seat is vacated by a representative, the corporation must reappoint a new representative at the same executive level or higher, or opt out of having a seat.

Criteria of Corporate Membership on the Council

  • Must be corporate members of the Canadian Association of Radiation Oncology.
  • Appropriate executive management level representation (ability to make corporate decisions).
  • Commitment to serve and attend two meetings per year, (one “face to face” meeting at the time and place of the annual scientific meeting, and one teleconference each Spring).
  • Past demonstrated support of CARO or potential for future support.
  • Willingness to assume own individual expenses associated with involvement on the Council.

CARO and Council Interactions

  • The Board of Directors of CARO shall select and invite suitable (see criteria) CARO corporate members to participate on the Council.
  • CARO will send out a formal letter of invitation to the corporate representative via CARO’s Secretariat at head office.
  • Correspondence regarding invitations, resignations, meeting attendance, etc. from the members of the Council will be sent via the CARO Secretariat.
  • CARO will set meeting agendas. Council members will submit items for the meeting agendas to the CARO Corporate Liaison officer.
  • CARO will record meeting minutes, distribute previous meeting minutes, and keep the Council informed of items placed on the agendas of upcoming meetings via CARO’s Secretariat.
  • The CARO President-Elect will chair all Council meetings.
  • CARO reserves the right to remove any corporate representative on the Council, if that representative exercises undue commercialism / commercial interest specific to that corporation or violates the corporate ethics of CARO, the guidelines of corporate conduct as set by the Canadian Medical Association, and the Pharmaceutical Research and Marketing Guidelines.